Monday, September 20, 2010

My First Hand Dyed Yarn!!! Plus another new design!!!

It's a blend of purple and green, but mostly brown. I think next time I'm between designs, I'll look up a pattern and make it into mixey colored winter gloves. The class was awesome and I had loads of fun. I will probably never again grab a skein of pretty multicolored yarn without appreciating the work that goes into it.

I brought my yarn home Saturday. While waiting for it to dry, I remembered my last purchase at Wild Purls.

It's Cascade 220 Heathers in Iris. I started swatching ideas for something scarfy, because that's what I could use right now. Winter's on its way and since I'm pretty much a lizard, I need to fill in the gaps in my wardrobe before the constant cold hits.
So I got out larger-than-recommended needles and charted up an expanding feather and fan pattern. I was really scared that I'd end up frogging it, because it looked so weird and lumpy on the needles.

But I was wrong...check it out drying! The ripples are nice, and the CO edge even makes a little collar. It's a one skein project too so that's even more awesome.

I think I'll swing by WP, Michaels or Hobby Lobby today and get enough to make a second version that's a near complete circle. Maybe grey or a nice normal color.

The purple's gonna look so nice under my leather jacket this fall.



  1. You are amazing. I just got a look at your Brambles pattern on Definitely made my list of projects to start in October.

  2. I LOVE your first dye job! Great colors! Congratulations.