Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm Still Here!

I promise! It's just been a weird couple of weeks trying to design. I was working on the lotus shawl before I got bored and decided maybe it wanted to be a hat. Then I wrote up a pattern for double-thickness gloves, but then I had trouble getting gauge and got bored with that. And now I'm back to working on the supposed 'evil hat' pattern.

It's still blue...still cables and lace, but this time in worsted yarn with less repeats. My goal is to have it test knit so it can be out sometime in September or Early October.

I also really wanna do some kind of hoodie in the future so I can learn pattern grading. It's covered in 'The Advanced Knitting' architect, which I've read...but I still need some real practice.

(I'm secretly hoping Knitty comes out on Oct.'d be a GREAT 22nd birthday present!)

Stuck in the apartment for now, waiting for maintenance to come change our doorknob sometime this week.

Meanwhile I'm going to try to get my hair dyed and get to the yarn store this weekend. I'm thinking about using up my design money on fun classes so I can knit better. Maybe I'll actually stop by WP for happy hour this friday...if of course I'm not working on something insanely fiddly.


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